m mikiVMC has a new member of the counseling staff. We know she is a bit "young" being only a year old, but she has been undergoing training to first become a Canine Good Citizen and then to become a certified Therapy Dog. Mind you, she's a bit small (8 pounds), and a bit hairy (but at least it is trimmed!) and she's presently doing her volunteer work at VMC.

m kaiaShe knows her role: To be kind,to be social, to be cute and to let people and/or clients pet her. Clients ask what breed she is. Miki is an American Kennel Club Mini-Dachshund who is owned by Laurie Hamano and who comes to work "if she has any appointments".... You might see Kaia who is a black mini-Dachshund at the office who is trying her best to become a therapy dog too! But, it appears that Miki, "hands-down" has everyone "ooohhhing and ahhhhing" when they see her. So, don't forget to ask for Miki or even Kaia when you get to the office! They are great at making you smile! 

m halloweiners



Miki and Kaia (Laurie)