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voc-rehab-flowerThough there is “bad press” wherever you go regarding workers compensation, as a vocational rehabilitation counselor I believe that I have the best clients, ever. Injured workers come to vocational rehabilitation counselors in hope to find help, a possible job, some training if possible and a chance for a new start. I wanted to tell you about one of our clients who shall be named Ms. M. She came as a hand injured worker who no longer could work in the busy world of food and beverage restaurant business. She had limited education but graduated from high school in the Philippines and went to classes when she came to Hawaii. Because she couldn’t lift too much anymore and chop “too much” she was asked to see Vocational Management Consultants for vocational rehabilitation services.

Voc Rehab-successMr. T.H. was referred for VR services by his attorney in January 2011. He was injured while working as a Lineman for a utility company and lost his dominant right arm due to the injury. After seven grueling surgeries over a period of two years, Mr. T.H learned to type, write, and manage all of his activities of daily living with his left hand and the assistance of an advanced prosthetic arm. Through the vocational exploration process, he was able to identify Resource Planner and Trouble Dispatcher as possible return to work options with his Employer and School Counselor as an alternate job goal should return options not be available.



My name is Toby Fisher and I had the pleasure of working with Laurie Hamano and her professional staff. With their help through vocational rehabilitation I have gotten a great job and a career.

successMs. C was referred for VR services by her attorney in April, 2008. She was injured while working as an Admissions Coordinator for a University and was diagnosed with Bilateral arm pains, wrist tendonitis and ligament strain. She had been active in trying to apply for various positions while at level 3 but either the positions were not considered suitable or were not gainful. Through the vocational exploration process, she was able to identify Human Resources Assistant as a possible job goal.

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Hawaii Injured Workers Association's recent free October Fest Seminar was a great success. Mahalo to everyone that attended and our generous co-sponsors that made the event possible.


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