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A Civil Beat Investigation: In Hawaii’s workers’ comp system, people with long-lasting injuries are often forced to battle doctors hand-picked by insurance companies to get treatment and disability payments.

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I had no idea that there was such a thing as “International Day of Happiness” a world-wide initiative of the United Nations where there is a sharing of their collective happiness.  This was noted in Alice Inoue’s “Positively Young” article on 3/20/2018. 

Over my years, happiness has been a focus for me. After my early years when I was found to have cancer and underwent the surgeries to prevent it from spreading any further, I knew if I survived, that God must have had a plan for me. So my search started there.  I had to find a new job and finally found a job that used my degree and skills and pointed me in the vocational rehabilitation counseling services in workers compensation. That was 33 years ago. I can honestly say that I still love what I do.  

But I think we always need to look for what makes us happy. When I was in recovery, I ventured to the YMCA to swim and to work back all the muscle tissue that had dissolved away due to being in the hospital for a month.  I thought the swimming was truly “boring” and found aerobics classes that were springing up all over the Y and other places.  These classes intrigued me; and before you know it I was asked to do a volunteer program that would teach me how to teach exercise classes. It has been 35 years since I started at the YMCA and still today I teach a yoga and low impact class twice a week at Nu’uanu YMCA. I do not know how I would make it through my daily life if I didn’t have the classes that I teach, the students that I teach, the clients that I work with and my home family and work family who support me to do all that I do.  The joy that I find keeps me focused at work and happy at home. Control of your happiness definitely starts and ends with you.

Alice Inoue talked about having regrets in our lives and that keeps us from being happy.  I say we need to make sure we don’t have regrets in our lives by making the decisions that you know in your gut that is best for you; and do it now.  Your happiness starts today.  Alice also said “if you were to die today, with no chance to say anything to anyone what would you most regret not having told someone?”  Now that certainly is a place to start.

Have a great and Happy International Day of Happiness!

Laurie Hamano

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Hawaii Civil Beat Special Report

Waiting In Pain

About the Series

A Civil Beat Investigation: In Hawaii’s workers’ comp system, people with long-lasting injuries are often forced to battle doctors hand-picked by insurance companies to get treatment and disability payments.
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Chapter One

Daniel Junker workers 1024x657

Insurance ‘Hell’ Leaves Many Injured Workers Broken

Chapter Two

Vanessa Sylva wahiawa resident 1024x686

This Woman Lost 10 Years Battling A System Where Insurers Call The Shots

Chapter Three

Ken Weir Workers Comp insurance story4 960x647

Spying On Injured Workers Often Adds To Their Pain

Chapter Four

Dr Christopher Brigham MD talk in Vegas4 960x527

Whose Side Is This Workers’ Comp Doctor On?

Congratulations Amie


Congratulations to Amie on graduating from Hawaii Medical College on their Honor Roll as a pharmacy technician and working now as a technician!

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